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Circle of the Year

retro_t_stagioni.jpgAs written on p. 3 of the Wheel of the Year Tarot's LWB: "Ever since antiquity, man has always had to bow to the magical and inexplicable power of the natural cycle of the seasons.

"In many neo-pagan religions, this season cycle has taken the name of Wheel of the Year: a wheel that turns and never stops, not only regulating the seasons but taking us by the hand to accompany us throughout all the phases of our life [...].

"The Wheel of the Year was commemorated with the celebration of eight Sabbaths: eight ceremonies through which man [...] paid honour to the power and grandeur of Mother Nature [...]."

There is a spread, called Circle of the Year, to be performed at the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year:

  • Samhain - 31 October
  • Yule - Winter Solstice
  • Imbolc - 2 February
  • Ostara - Spring Equinox
  • Beltane - 30 April
  • Midsummer - Summer Solstice
  • Lughnasadh - 1 August
  • Mabon - Autumnal Equinox

The spread is the same for each festival. Each spread lasts from the festival when it is performed to the next festival.

By splitting the deck into its three primary components, we can see what our Task for this period is (that is, what we should mainly see to), in what Element we ought to channel our energies and efforts, and what Companion would be most helpful (in inner terms, it may be the best attitude to exhibit during this period, the one that will bring the most advantages to and that will simplify our lives; in outer terms, it may be a person with those features, helping us to fulfil what shown by the two previous cards).

Using this spread helps us to live a better life, allowing us to focus our energies - if we are so inclined, of course - into something that, on the whole, enhances the quality of our lives.

For example, it may happen that we are undecided, that we do not know how to prioritise the different things in our lives. The Circle of the Year spread comes in handy exactly by advising us about those issues.

What happens, though, if you decide not to follow the advice provided by Tarot? Nothing dramatic! J In certain instances, a sense of dissatisfaction or frustration can increase, and it may very well be that at the next festival Tarot insists that you see to what you had neglected. But if we do follow the Task - Element - Companion triad, in the end we will feel much more satisfied and fulfilled. Smile

I've personally experienced the Circle of the Year's effectiveness starting from summer solstice of 2010, and now I offer a yearly subscription to my querents.

One single spread costs € 25.00, and since there are 8 spreads in a year, the yearly cost would be € 200.00; but if you make a yearly subscription for eight spreads (starting from the festival that comes first after you subscribe), the cost is only € 150.00.