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Wheel of the Year Tarot

A delightful deck, whose basic concept is the Wheel of the Year. Created by Maria Caratti (who had already authored the Universal Goddess Tarot) with artwork by Antonella Platano (who had already drawn the Universal Goddess Tarot as well as the Gay Tarot by Lee Bursten, the Witchy Tarot and the Tarot of the 78 Doors).

retro_t_stagioni.jpgFrom p. 3 of the LWB: "Ever since antiquity, man has always had to bow to the magical and inexplicable power of the natural cycle of the seasons.

"In many neo-pagan religions, this season cycle has taken the name of Wheel of the Year: a wheel that turns and never stops, not only regulating the seasons but taking us by the hand to accompany us throughout all the phases of our life [...].

"The Wheel of the Year was commemorated with the celebration of eight Sabbaths: eight ceremonies through which man [...] paid honour to the power and grandeur of Mother Nature [...]."

As for the pictures, the deck is mainly inspired by the renown Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, but it does not lack originality in re-imagining a few cards (I will not show examples because they are all so beautiful that I really do not know which ones to choose). But even what - at first sight - might leave you a bit baffled, it is immediately explained by the really helpful little white booklet. Each card is explained by a brief description written in italicised text; this description refers to the image on the card and elucidates it. Then, the standard divinatory meanings follow. But exactly because this is a LWB and, moreover, it actually explains the Wheel of the Year Tarot, it is best used by those who already know the subject matter at a certain degree than by beginning students.

04_coppe_t_stagioni.jpgdiavolo_t_stagioni.jpgOther cards, even though they show different images from the traditional ones, are nonetheless clear if you know some of their meanings. This is the case with both the Devil ("harmful sexual relationships" is among its meanings) and the IV of Cups (apathy).

As I am used to saying, these differences do not invalidate the reading and, on the contrary, if you follow Valerie Sim's Comparative Tarot Philosophy you even get and added value out of them. Smile

And, obviously, taking into consideration the concept around which this deck was built, the Wheel of Year Tarot lends itself beautifully to be used for the Circle of the Year!