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Tarot of Mermaids

It's a deck based on the famous RWS, with images re-elaborated by Mauro de Luca and instructions in the LWB written by Bepi Vigna and Roberto Roda.

retro_sirene.jpgAfter a brief overview about mermaids, presenting several variants from different mythologies, the LWB illustrates this deck's peculiarities in pp. 5-6. "In our Tarot inspired by the Rider-Waite-Smith version, the traditionally male figures are modified and are not represented by Tritons bur rather by feminine creatures. This happens in some of the Major Arcana like the Magician and the Hanged Man and more often in the Minor Arcana where the Knaves and Knights of all four suits are impersonated by mermaids and melusines.

"In the Minor Arcana, the Shell suit replaces the traditional Chalices suit. [...] The suit of Pearls replaces the traditional Pentacles suit. [...] The suit of Oars replaces the suit of Wands. [...] The Tridents suit replaces the Swords of the traditional Tarot." (italicised fonts are mine.) Moreover, each suit is associated with a colour which permeates the cards: Chalices with purplish-blue, Pearls with orange-red, Oars with reddish-brown, and Tridents with blue-green; these are never flashy, rather they are muted shades tending to the aforementioned colours, embellishing the deck with a special atmosphere.

Generally speaking, I'm not in agreement with several interpretative descriptions for the Major Arcana, whereas I find those for the Minor Arcana to be good, in strings of keywords which will have to be studied more in-depth elsewere.

The spread presented takes inspiration from what mermaids and tritons show (their human side, above the water) and from what they hide (their fish-shaped appearance which stays underwater).

torre_sirene.jpg08_bastoni_sirene.jpgIf you are familiar with the RWS, the Tarot of Mermaids is easy to read with, as the peculiar images of this deck don't differ from the traditional ones. A couple of successful adaptations are worth mentioning: the Tower here has become a burning lighthouse, and the Eight of Oars, with all those oars hitting the water so that the boat accelerates (and in p. 12 its meaning are as follows: "Movement, speed, unstoppable current."). Smile