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Tarot of White Cats

Important Premise: I love cats as much as I love dogs (and I love animals in general, with very few exceptions). If there are no dog-themed decks with which I do consultations is because - as far as I know - there are no dog-themed decks inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot.

Now that I'm done with the premise, I'll go on reviewing one of my favourite decks, so don't expect objectivity in this article, because you won't find any: I love the Tarot of White Cats!! Smile

retro_gatti_bianchi.jpgThe Tarot of White Cats is a deck masterfully illustrated by Severino Baraldi (also author of the Tarot of the Journey to the Orient and of Ramses - Tarot of Eternity, to name a couple), and accompanied by a LWB written by Sofia Di Vincenzo, and for once it's a useful booklet.

The author writes (p. 4): "The colour white [...] is the symbol for mental clarity, spiritual purity, the passing from death to life, and psychic rebirth. All of these suggestions, as well as others, are gathered together in the Tarot of White Cats, a deck with an appearance that is ‘light-hearted' and yet mesmerising like the eyes of a cat, captivating like its movements, and mysterious like its thoughts."

On the whole, the LWB offers suggestions more than presenting interpretations proper (and those suggestions are a bit too sketchy for the Court Cards, yet the LWB is still laudable), and for this reason it is not suitable for beginners, as they need more basic interpretative information, but it gives food for thought to intermediate students... provided they are cat-lovers! J

 matto_gatti_bianchi.jpg giudizio_gatti_bianchi.jpg   mondo_gatti_bianchi.jpg


"Light-hearted" deck, OK, but often funny, too: what animal chosen to represent the Fool, who often indicates a being who lacks common sense, not clever, and that who does things on the spur of the moment without second thoughts? ^_-

There are differences in the Judgement (with a reversed perspective if compared with the traditional image) and in the World (with cats of four different breeds in the four corners of the card in place of the four figures usually depicted there). But in any case they are images that delight your eyes, rich with details and in enchanting colours.

03spade_gatti_bianchi.jpg   s3s.gif 08spade_gatti_bianchi.jpg  s8s.gif 
 maj13s.gif  morte_gatti_bianchi.jpg  s10s.gif  10spade_gatti_bianchi.jpg


And if on the one hand we have an emphasis on the dramatic side of two cards (in the Three of Swords the heart is not only pierced: it also bleeds, and there's a crying figure below; in the Eight of Swords the kitty looks like she really is tied to the tree), on the other hand we have a dilution of drama in two other cards (Death is decidedly less deathly, and the Ten of Swords emphasis that you're out of danger and you have the chance to start anew instead of focusing on having hit bottom). So it's a balanced deck, despite the "light-heartedness" mentioned by the author, perfectly usable in consultations not only serious in tone but even grave if need be.

Anyway, I can't help concluding by repeating myself: I love the Tarot of White Cats!! Laughing