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Star Major Arcana Rider-Waite Smith Tarot Deck 

If this is the first time you visit my site, please make sure you read the pages regarding questions and my Tarot philosophy before contacting me for a reading!

(I know that both pages are a bit long, but it will be time well spent, and reading them will give you confidence that you are about to contact the right person for your needs. Smile)

Readings can take place face to face (at my office), or via phone (Skype included) after fixing an appointment, or via e-mail; as for the forms of payment I accept, please follow the link.

Since I have a time fee, it goes without saying that the more cards there are in a reading, the higher the price.

Below, I offer you a list of the spreads that I know. If you don't find one that suits you, I'll create one especially for you, customising it to your question, as explained - in Italian - in the content of Module #14 of my Tarot Course.

However, there is an infinity of spreads, from very simple to very complex in structure. As always, the best thing to do is to contact me privately ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) so that we can decide together about the most appropriate spread for you and/or to ask me for more information about some of the spreads below.

1 card

*       For direct answers to simple and direct questions

*       For answering questions requiring a "Yes/No" answer (however, see questions)

2 cards

*       Choices (you do not ask what the best choice is, rather Tarot tells you what you need to know about each choice)

*       Relationship between Two People (this is a most basic spread; see below for more articulate spreads)

*       Likely Evolution of a Project

*       Risk & Reward

*       Situation & Challenge

*       Help / Hindrance

3 cards

*       Past - Present - Future (a possible variation might be: What have I achieved? - What am I doing? - Where am I going?)

*       Problem - What Hinders You - What Helps You

*       What Person A Wants - Compromise - What Person B Wants

*       Choice A - Choice B - Decisive Factor

*       Pro - Cons - Advice

*       Favourable Factors - Unfavourable Factors - The Most Important Factor to Consider Before Making a Decision

*       Situation - What Does Count - What Does Not Count

*       Partner A - the Couple - Partner B

*       Problematic Situation (what is working against you - what is helping you - what you can do to overcome this problematic situation)

*       Reality Check (the worst case scenario in your head about the situation - the best possible way it could be - the reality of the situation

*       Circle of the Year

*       Triangle of the Year (for New Year's readings)

*       Personal Balance (what you have in excess in your life - what you lack - how to balance the scales)

4 cards

*       Partner A - Partner B - The Couple's Current Situations - The Couple's Likely Evolution

*       SWOT Analysis (a marketing-inspired spread, it can easily be used well outside of business contexts)

5 cards

*       Elemental Advice (it gives advice in each of the areas represented by the four traditional Elements in order to help you solve a problem)

*       Achieving a Goal (starting point; steps to make; final goal. Only for live readings or Internet readings)

*       Human Body (the analysis of an individual; this spread draws inspiration from some parts of the human body to carry out the analysis)

*       Stalemate (when you've reached a stalemate and you don't know what to do to get things going again)

*       New Love Relationship

*       Mechanics of a Love Relationship

*       Jenna's Love Spread (to see how you love yourself, how you love others, and how you can make love come and stay in your life)

*       Improvement of a Love Relationship (when a couple is facing problems)

6 cards

*       Star of Approaches (it helps assessing potential ventures or projects by offering a guide through five different approaches culminating in the final insight given by the sixth card)

*       Treasure Chest (a strong infusion of self-confidence, thanks to an acquired awareness of your value)

*       New Year's Lesson (for New Year's readings)

*       Mirror, Mirror... (how people with whom you work see you)

*       Intimacy (when intimacy between partners has somewhat waned)

7 cards

*       Horseshoe (for questions requiring "Yes/No" as an answer, but with more in-depth and contextualised answers than those given by 1 card only; however, see questions)

*       Pantheon of Your Life (the analysis of an individual; this spread draws inspiration from the Greek Gods to carry out the analysis)

*       Hug (to help a dear person who is under the weather)

*       Rebuilding the Temple (to rebuild your life after a shattering experience)

*       Talent Processor

*       New Career (when you want to start a new career, and you already know which one, we examine what you already have, what you lack and the possible outcomes on four levels)

*       Relationship (what one person wants, what the other person wants, a mediation point, what is said and is not said between the two people; this spread is good both for love and friendship)

8 cards

*       Personal Resources (what are your own resources? How can you best use them?)

*       Coming Out (it helps the querent to find out in what way his/her coming out will have an impact on his/her life and in the involved people's lives)

*       Multiple Façades (we present several façades to the world; some we are aware of, some we are not aware of, some are beneficial to us, some are harmful to us)

*       Relationship (between two individuals: compatibility, what they can teach each other, how the relationship started, how it is now, how it may evolve; this spread is good for both business relationships, love and friendship)

*       Autopsy of a Love Relationship

*       Your Partner's Wildest Fantasies

*       Heart

*       Computer Heart

9 cards

*       Heart vs. Head (what to do when you're undecided whether to follow your heart or heeding your head?)

*       Goddess Archetype (the analysis of an individual; this spread draws inspiration from the female archetypes within you to carry out the analysis, regardless of your gender)

*       Birthday Cake (for an individual's birthday)

*       Why Are You Still Single?

10 cards

*       Celtic Cross (a general spread about the querent, or about a particular area of his/her life)

*       Personal Balance (a way to assess one's personal balance taking the four traditional Elements as parameter; it order to not only assesses the quantitative imbalances but also the qualitative ones, it would be better to do a Whole Person Summary Permutation after the original spread)

*       Work Pyramid (when you already have a job and want to take a look at its likely developments)

*       Heart

11 cards

*       Circle of Advisors (when you find yourself in a particularly delicate situation and need advice from several sources)

*       The Magician's Communication (when you're facing communication problems with someone or regarding something)

*       Hourglass (for New Year's readings)

*       A Company's Problems

*       Presentations (three different spreads when you need to make a presentation)

*       Finding Love (what the querent can do to find a partner)

12 cards

*       Yin Yang (to shed some light when two parties do not see eye to eye in a situation)

*       Occupational Situation (especially in case of unemployment or when you're not satisfied with your current occupational situation)

14 cards

*       Second Honeymoon (two 7-cards spreads, one for each partner; they look at the positive aspects of an already existing relationship)

15 cards

*       Human Body, for couples (to analyse the relationship between two people on several levels, that draw inspiration from some parts of the human body)

22 cards

*       Royal Configuration (to examine a love relationship, using all the 22 Major Arcana)

42 cards

*       Gypsy Love (for love in general, when you're single)

Variable number of cards

*       Name (to learn what another person feels for you)

*       Dream Interpretation (there are several spreads available, depending upon your specific dream)

*       Career Alternatives

*       Community (to analyse the dynamics among several people interacting in the same environment)

*       A Couple's Closeness

If you want to choose the deck to be used for the reading, follow the link! Smile (If you don't have a preference, I'll make the choice for you.)