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Hierophant Rider-Waite TarotIf this is the first time you visit my site, please make sure you read both this page and the one about questions before contacting me for a reading!

(I know that both pages are a bit long, but it will be time well spent, and reading them will give you confidence that you are about to contact the right person for your needs. Smile)

Every Tarot-reader has different preferences and talents, and his/her readings mirror this.

If you have certain requirements and expectations of a Tarot-reader, make sure to speak with him/her before the reading itself to ascertain whether s/he is the right Tarot-reader for you. (And if you're reading these lines, it goes without saying that I hope to be that Tarot-reader. Smile)

To get the most out of a reading, it is my opinion that questions should be clarified as much as possible (see questions), and a meaningful dialogue between reader and querent should be carried on throughout the reading (as far as the medium allows, this also applies to e-mail readings).

I don't do cold readings. The analogy of doctor and patient comes to mind here: not providing the Tarot-reader with information is like going to the doctor, refusing to tell the doctor what's wrong and demanding a diagnosis to prove he's good. As far as I'm concerned, this is a big waste of time.

- Preordained Future or Free Will?

Mainly in the past - but for some people this is still true nowadays - people thought that one's destiny was preordained, whereas nowadays people think that we can affect almost anything about our future, and that we forge our reality.

More and more often, Tarot is used as a tool for personal growth and empowerment, and to have indications about the path to take. Also, several Junghian psychological concepts have made their way into Tarot work, and moved many readers to use the Tarot as a tool for self-awareness and personal development.

In other words, these approaches have given rise to a different reading style, one in which the querent is not given all the answers and the reader is not an all-knowing authority. Instead, the reader uses the Tarot to help provide a deeper understanding of the situation, of the querent's motivations, goals, and feelings, to illustrate which alternatives are open for the querent, and to present possible plans of action to obtain a desired result.

It may happen that the querent asks a question about his/her future, which is only natural if you think that the public at large think that Tarot's purpose is foretelling the future. However, a major problem with these questions is their inherent assumption that anyone can tell the future with absolute certainty and that the future is immutable.

It is exactly because the future is mutable that it's not my custom to scare a querent foretelling his/her physical death. (I take this opportunity to remind that - contrary to popular belief - the Death card is far from being the worst card of the deck, and that, on the contrary, quite often has positive meanings; see also About Me). By the same token, I won't answer questions such as: "How long will I live?"

Personally, I think that - in case of predictive readings - one can see the future as it will present itself on the basis of the current situation (which Tarot usually depicts excellently). It will be up to the querent to take an active role in the events to make sure s/he can fully enjoy whatever good was foretold, and to make sure s/he can neutralise or at least mitigate whatever bad was manifested.

- Time

Assessing time, especially regarding when an event will take place, is always a problem. Unless the spread includes a timeframe it's almost impossible to give indications regarding time, and even when there is such a timeframe, the answer is not precise anyway. I can give indications, but I cannot give absolute precision, and it's only fair you know that before contacting me.

This said, how far in the future can we look? According to my experience, no more than 1 year in the future, but I usually advise against probing beyond 6-9 months in the future.

- How Often A Tarot Reading?

Even though querents returning to me at an obsessive rate would increase my income, it is neither ethical nor in line with my use of Tarot to encourage a querent's dependency upon my services. I usually suggest to let at least 3 months pass by before returning for a consultation; of course, there may be exceptional instances when one can return after 1 month only, but - as I was saying - this is an exceptional instance and such should remain, and it should not turn into the norm.

- Questions NO

As already mentioned in the page devoted to questions, there are questions that I'm not comfortable with and I'd rather not answer them.

An area is about pregnancies: don't ask me whether you'll become pregnant, how many children you'll bear, what sex they'll be, how the pregnancy will proceed, etc. because in stead of delivering you a service I'd make you a disservice; this area is not exactly my forte.

Questions regarding lotteries (and all that jazz) and past lives also do not enter my areas of expertise.

Moreover, I am neither a lawyer for instance, nor a physician, nor a financial consultant... so you'd better to ask them the respectively relevant questions. Smile (Obviously, and just like any Tarot-reader who has studied at least a little, I do know many spreads for probing these areas; the law, however, prevents me from dealing with these topics with my querents in a direct manner.)

Whatever the question, I don't read for minors of age.

As I was saying in the page about me, Tarot is a language; I know it and I interpret it for you, and my objective is to help you managing your life in a better way, not to scare you do death by leading you to believe that I possess fantastic powers; this is also the reason why I don't ask money to remove evil eyes, curses (and all that jazz) or to perform arcane rituals or to pray for my querents; these are all things outside my areas of expertise and foreign to my outlook on life.

- Confidentiality & Non Abuse

Confidentiality does not only mean keeping the contents of the reading itself secret, but it also encompasses keeping the identity of a querent secret (that is to say that I not only won't divulge the contents of the reading I did for Gubilla: I won't even reveal that Gubilla is my client!).

The following are exceptions to this principle:

  • 1. written authorisation on the querent's part, hereby allowing me to divulge the contents of the reading
  • 2. in case the life of the querent or someone else is in danger (for instance in case of criminal events)
  • 3. if a court of law orders it

Linked to confidentiality there is my commitment not to abusing my clients' trusts and vulnerabilities for my own personal benefits.

- Sincerity & Honesty

I will read the cards with sincerity and honesty, that is to say that I will read them at the best of my ability, without coming up with messages or meanings that do not mirror what indicated in the spread, and with the intent of causing no harm whatsoever to my querents.

Even though I will pay a very close attention to the querent's words, I will not simply say whatever s/he would like to hear if the cards state something different.

- Continual Improvement

As mentioned in the page regarding reviews, I do my best to study what can enable me to improve professionally and to offer better and better consultations as a result.

- Conclusion

Hopefully, the querent will leave feeling better, wiser and more ready to take action at the end of the reading than before it started.

But a reading is no good without implementation. You can get a thousand readings and a huge amount of information, but if you don't do anything with it, then it's a waste of money and time.