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Fool Major Arcana Rider-Waite Smith Tarot DeckFirst of all, the sites of the producers of the Tarot decks appearing in this site:

Then, a couple more sites that I mentioned in some pages of this site; they're full of interesting material (English language only):

A few sites where you can buy books from the Internet: & (in Italian, but with a section in English, too) (this is the American, original site; at the foot of the page you can find links to the sites of other countries) (Spanish) (English)



A couple of sites where you can buy decks from the Internet: (in Italian, but with a section in English, too) (in English) (Clive Barrett)


The Morpurgian astrology links I mentioned in the page about me:

Gabriele Silvagni and Raffaella Vaccari's (it has sections in English and Spanish - a few of Lisa Morpurgo's books are also available in Spanish)

Massimo Michelini's (Italian only)

Dario Rizzo's (it has sections translated into English, too)


Sites for payments can be found directly at the payment page (I don't list them here because Paypal varies from country to country, for instance).


Finally, if you like the look and the structure of my site, and you'd like to get in touch with either my graphic designer or my web master, write to me and I'll be glad to let you have their e-mail addresses privately. Smile